Quantum Attentiveness [2017]
in collaboration with Elke Marhoefer

Quantum Attentiveness alludes to the artists' interest in the philosophical, ethical, and political implications of an evolving concept of ecology. Ecology, once understood as study of "relations between organisms" became a key term to think the world in relational terms. It does not merely convey a general sense of relationality, but has indefinitely proliferated linked variations: ecology of thought, visual environments, media, forests and practices, time and self.

Because ecological thinking brings about an acute awareness of connectedness, it also generates an ethical and political challenge of exposure to the possibilities of unexpected relations, unpredictable filiations and spontaneous alliances. It seems that the awareness of uncertainty and inevitability of being-in-relation offers two possible ethics: one of control, environmental computation and advanced causalities and another of strange couplings, cuts and jumps. With this exhibition Lylov and Marh?fer are trying to embrace aesthetics offered by the latter tendency while being critically aware of the former.

Quantum Attentiveness is a queer unpacking of Karen Barad’s “diffractive methodology”. Quantum in this context refers to the non-reducible difference between terms of a relation. Hence the exhibition renders quantum as an aesthetic category, a way of seeing and showing a relation through difference. Paraphrasing Barad: a diffractive methodology is a method of attentively and carefully noticing differences while recognizing that there is an ethics, which is not predicated on externality, but rather entanglement. Entanglement, Lylov and Marh?fer comprehend as a back and forth movement between interior and exterior, between artwork and perceiver, but also between plants, animals, environments and humans. With this exhibition the artists want to direct attention towards the creative powers and practices of plants, animals, matters and environments.

Exhibition guide link: PDF

Installation commissioned by Badischer Kunstverein.