Something Like a Bald Mountain [2020]

“Hageyamamitai - Something Like a Bald Mountain”

1. “Tao in the world is like a river flowing home to the sea.” - Lao Tzu on what is tao.

2. “Unheimlichkeit: understanding and creation of meaning consists in renewing connections with the world one is in. Such connections demand a constant revisiting of one’s home, which in turn necessitates a departure from it. We can only return to a home that we are not afraid to leave.” - Katrin Froese on how Heidegger and Nietzsche possibly understood Lao Tzu.

3. We follow a river’s flow from its source on the top of mountain Horai to its home in Lake Biwa. During the trip images and stories are gathered. Later they are arranged with enough gaps and free spaces, in order to leave disclosed our path of learning how a concrete ecology works and what “ecology” can mean.

4. In Greek “ecology” denotes a home, while “river”, in Chinese, symbolises the way there. A meeting between the two distant concepts is reflected in the flow of Noriko river. From the length of the river’s path we learn what is home. A river travels to its home without leaving its source, it is at home and at a distance simultaneously. Perhaps, the river neither departs nor arrives, but eternally returns.

5. We study the flow of the river, we observe how it returns home. We discover a similarity between image-making and river ecology: images require distance just as the returning home implies it. While making a film about the river, we study how to make a film ecologically = how to become aware of the environment while making a film = how to return home, which never stays the same.