Sound Only, Video Only [09/2012]
excerpt, translated to English

In his audiovisual installation “Sound Only, Video Only,” Mikhail Lylov employs a technique unusual for his creative work, to ask questions freshly posed to him. So, naturally, one might be tempted to describe his work for the “Go West!” project as “vague,” “farfetched,” or “pretentious.”

In reality, departing from the simple truth that “West” is an ideological construct, the artist regards the “Go West!” moment as an absurd real abstraction where one’s subjective experience and objective reality are united in a fictitious yet real story.

The presented story replays some moments from the author’s life for the audience, complete with reports of the places where he had been in the last two years. As it usually happens with memories, however, a part of them is lost, some of them have only a sound or a voice remaining, and some of them are only a mute image.