Springtime And Communism [08/2010]
in collaboration with Liza Bobriashova

At what moment can we encounter an involved look in the flow of daily routine? The look of compassion, empathy, understanding and longing for changes. In what circumstances can a philistine turn into an active subject?

In ‘Springtime and Communism’ the conditions under which political subjectivation is possible are studied through the process of filmmaking. The film narrative is built on the principles of “snuff movie”, i.e. the key storyline events are not rehearsed scenes, but the situations which result from the interaction of the film character with the context and experience unknown to her.

Since there is interdependence between the conventions and prescriptions imposed by the role that a recruited actress should play and real interaction of people, filmmaking process could really transform an individual’s subjectivity provided that real participants of film production relate themselves and their actions to the film characters and its storyline. The problems of relationship of power and submission within the film production process, the sort of ideology and identity imposed on the actress are linked directly to the process of subjectivation and those principles of film production, which make this subjectivation possible.